Speaker Integration

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LautsprecherintegrationThe proper placement of the speakers is often a real challenge. There are many requirements, which do not just affect the quality of the sound. The architectural characteristics must be taken into consideration in addition to the desires of the homeowner in the selection and placement of the speakers. Which music or audio content do you want to hear when? Do you only want to listen to background music, or classical music or do you want party with a lot of rock & roll? There are speakers and music systems appropriate for all of these applications. However, the construction of the speakers often does not match the design of the house. The desire for good music without obvious speakers (which might best be hidden) is often greater. Drywall walls and ceiling provide simple integration options. Manufacturers, like Sonance, Kef and Bose, provide wonderful solutions for this. With brick or masonry walls, things become more difficult, especially when noise reduction and fire prevent walls are involved. Hidden wave-bending speakers, such as Pursonic, can be completely hidden in drywall walls, acoustic ceilings and even furniture. Its flaw lies in the limitation on the depth of the bass sound.

In certain applications and environments, this can be tolerated. Otherwise, additional bass speakers (sub-woofers) will be required. Standing speakers are often requested by audiophiles and in the high-quality home theater market, such as those from Revox or Klipsch. Built-in systems are used for ideal sound in built-in solutions, such as the solutions provided by Bowers & Wilkins. Encapsulated monitors will be required in external areas and those with high humidity (swimming halls and steam baths).