Intelligent Home

The desire for more comfort and safety and the introduction of modern technology into upscale residential buildings requires technical solutions for your home. The house and the entertainment technology must be integrated through a comprehensive, intuitive operational concept in consideration of the interior architecture and your design expectations.

We will make your home into your favorite place by working with you. Early consideration of your desires during the planning of your new domicile is very import for this. Here is what we will achieve in this:

  • Comfort and luxury through customization
  • Increased security and protection of your health
  • Retention of your investment in your property through modern technology
  • Efficiency in terms of costs and energy


Home Control SystemsHome Control Systems

Everything is under control. Regardless of whether this involves selecting lighted scenery, activating the alarm system, controlling the environmental technology, selecting a piece…

Sounds SystemsSounds Systems for Music

Everywhere, from the kitchen to the fitness room, listen to music and have the ability to access your entire music collection through an audio server, like the iPod. Multi-room audio…

tv-systemsTV Systems

More than watching television, high-quality flat screen monitors from Loewe and Samsung deliver high-quality images from the satellite antenna, the Blu-ray player or the video…

heimkinoHome Cinema

Cinema at home – we design your home cinema! Projectors in HD quality from Epson, Mitsubishi and SIM2 ensure brilliant images in movie format. Dolby Surround, even in THX quality, making your….

Custom Services

Speaker Integration


The proper placement of the speakers is often a real challenge. There are many requirements, which do not just affect the quality of the sound. The architectural…read more

Customize the Design of Your Touch Panel


The touch panels will be designed according to include your wishes. Which color combinations and which graphic shapes would you like? Which operational desires do you have? In consideration…read more

Intuitive Operation of All Home Technology


Our claim is our ability to make the necessary operational features simple for everyone, from the cleaning lady to the mother-in-law through corresponding conception of the control system. We will use…read more