Digital Signage

Digital signage, eposters in advertisement areas, mapping systems for customers and employee information systems; a digital signage system will improve and speed up your communication with customers and employees and strengthen your image.

digwerbesystemeDigital Advertising and Information Systems

Digital signage, eposters in advertisement areas, terminals for sales support for customers and employee information systems…

elekBeschildMapping Systems and Electronic Signage

Mapping systems are indispensable in public buildings with public traffic. They make it possible for visitors to reach their destinations quickly without help from strangers. The static signs…

edu2Edutainment & Entertainment

Entertainment using monitors for shortening subjective waiting time is often used in waiting rooms, such as at doctors’ offices, government offices, train stations and break…

Custom Services

Content conformant with the Target Group

Zielgruppenkonforme-InhalteContent brings good digital signage systems to life. The content must conform to the target group. This means that the target groups must be defined and described…read more

Simple Updating

Einfache-AktualisierungThe fact of being up-to-date is the critical factor for the sustainable acceptance of digital information and advertising systems. A monitor that is always showing the same…read more

Architectural Integration

Architektonische-IntegrationAs architectural integration, one understands the installation of monitors from NEC, Samsung or LG into walls and furniture so that they are oriented towards the overall design. Protection against…read more