Audio-visual Media Technology

Professional solutions for communications, information, training and marketing in companies, hotels, restaurants, training facilities and governmental offices.

We provide you with:

  • the creation of concepts and planning for audio-visual media technology applications,
  • equipment services for conference and training rooms with presentation, public address and control technology,
  • the implementation of digital information, advertising and corporate systems,
  • audio and video conferencing systems,
  • the visualization and control of complex lighting and building technology,
  • the development and implementation of infrastructures for the transmission of analog and digital AV signals.

edutainmentConference Technology

Conference technology has made clear, understandable communication between multiple people in large rooms possible. Organize your agendas and ensure simple operation. On the basis …

beschallungPublic Address Systems

Don’t merely listen; understand everything. That is our demand on the development of public address systems for your conference and training rooms as well as foyers and events halls….

musikbeschallungAudio Conferences

Communications between large groups of people at multiple locations requires technical solutions with good acoustics and simple operation. On the basis of an analysis of your communications…

videokonferenzVideo Conferences

Global group communications with good acoustics, especially when complemented by face-to-face presence using flat-screen monitors as well as simultaneous transmission of charts…

steuerungstechnikControl Technology

Technology is only a means to an end. This premise is our demand for intuitive, automated operational concepts. The complex AV media technology will function easily from the start….

visualisierungVisualization Systems

Visualization of content has become a must for customer presentations, meetings and training sessions. It is accomplished using modern projectors and theater screens…

Custom Services

Touch Panels designed with Your Corporate Design


The touch panels will be designed according to your company’s corporate design. We will match the color combinations and graphical shapes to you. What should be controlled…read more

19″ Rack Cabinets for High Operational Safety

19-Schrankbau-für-hohe-Betriebssicherheit19″ racks will be constructed with a view towards their design and purpose. There are a number of issues to take into consideration for this, like: weight, heat exchange, and cabling, …read more

Calibration of the Audio Technology for Ideal Acoustics

Einmessen-der-Audiotechnik-für-optimale-SprachverständlichkeitA professional public address system provides even acoustics throughout the entire room. A number of factors are responsible for this. It starts with the planning…read more