Portfolio Category: Intelligent Homes

Max 52

Intelligent living with plenty of comfort, safety and energy efficiency. In order to separate the apartments when needed, an individually structured network and new bus system with two separate control panels were designed for the 280sqm total living space. The lights, alarm, smoke alarm, video intercom system, motion sensors and the complete home entertainment system were involved into the central house control. The Loewe TV with built in satellite receiver and...
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Art Nouveau meets high-tech Smart home technology for safety and maximum comfort. The house received a heat insulating roof, pellet heating, solar panels and a ventilation system with heat recovery. For the areas of consumer electronics and communications a/c/t relocated a structured network throughout the building and installed a satellite, an alarm system with smoke detectors and an integrated video surveillance system for home and garden. The individual electronic components are...
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Home entertainment and home control at the highest technical level, from 3D cinema experience to unlimited music enjoyment. As technology and music enthusiast the builder wanted for his new home not only an innovative building technology for lighting, heating and room darkening, he also wanted a professional consumer electronics and 3D home theater on the highest technical level. All centrally controlled, feature rich and intuitive. Because music is the most important thing for...
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