Max 52

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Intelligent living with plenty of comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

In order to separate the apartments when needed, an individually structured network and new bus system with two separate control panels were designed for the 280sqm total living space. The lights, alarm, smoke alarm, video intercom system, motion sensors and the complete home entertainment system were involved into the central house control. The Loewe TV with built in satellite receiver and CI slot for SKY and the speakers that have been discretely installed at specific locations almost invisible in the walls allow the individual use of all the consumer electronics.

All the technical devices of the apartment can be controlled or programmed via the comfortable, intuitive operation touch panels or buttons with key features for each room. These control panels are also installed in the walls next to the entrance doors, the kitchen and the attic. A wireless touch panel is used in addition to the mobile control for all the individual components of any room. Room temperature, air conditioning, different lighting scenes, skylights, blinds and awnings, as well as video intercom function can be controlled and accessed by finger pressure. The choice of music sources (CD, radio or playlists) and volume of the speakers can be controlled centrally via touch panel. In addition, they also provide information such as the current weather, outside temperature or the degree of wind strength.
When leaving the apartment you just have to press the “All Off” button on the keyboard panel installed in the entrance area to query the status in the house and for example closing the skylight automatically or shutting off the lights and music. All technical components are perfectly integrated to match the look and design of the object. The technology behind is high-tech equipment and solutions from Crestron, Loewe, Revox and Sonance.


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