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Art Nouveau meets high-tech Smart home technology for safety and maximum comfort.

The house received a heat insulating roof, pellet heating, solar panels and a ventilation system with heat recovery. For the areas of consumer electronics and communications a/c/t relocated a structured network throughout the building and installed a satellite, an alarm system with smoke detectors and an integrated video surveillance system for home and garden. The individual electronic components are controlled by only one media center from where different lighting scenarios, music, volume, the heating and multi-room audio system in the various rooms are flexible. The contents of the audio server can always be programmed individually and tuned to the preferences of the residents of the house. The operation in the individual rooms works via touch panels, which are integrated into the wall in the kitchen, the living room and bedroom. There is also a touch panel simulation on the PC in the home office as well as classic rotary switches in all rooms. So the whole house can be lightened and radio stations, playlists and speakers that were installed invisibly into the ceiling can be served only by pushing a button

Via a fingerprint system that is connected to the media center and replaces the normal door keys you can get into the house. By finger pressure the front door opens automatically and a programmed entering mood lighting and the favorite music turns on. With pushing a button in the living room the TV with integrated TV card moves up from the sideboard and the AV receiver turns on in the living room. In the fitness and sauna area playlists can be chosen or songs selected by a built in the wall LCD keypad.
The technical products that have been integrated into this house come from well known companies such as Berker Bauhaus, Crestron, Loewe, Marantz and Siedle.


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