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Home entertainment and home control at the highest technical level, from
3D cinema experience to unlimited music enjoyment.

As technology and music enthusiast the builder wanted for his new home not only an innovative building technology for lighting, heating and room darkening, he also wanted a professional consumer electronics and 3D home theater on the highest technical level. All centrally controlled, feature rich and intuitive.

Because music is the most important thing for the whole family, they decided to have a multi-room audio system for controlling the sound for up to 16 listening zones. This allows radio, MP3 or CD music tracks simultaneously in all rooms or retrieve individually in each room by touch panel or with an iPhone. A total of 30 speakers were installed in walls and ceilings. Thus, the homely atmosphere is maintained without seeing the technology. The Technology, TVs and speakers are hidden behind paintings and artistically painted fabrics. A special highlight is the party room:. In a home theater that gives you a real cinema experience: 3D HD projector, Dolby surround sound and multi-format large screen, which can be adapted on CinemaScope, 16:9 or 4:3. Also a paradise for children, because game consoles and Wiis can be connected to the system.

In all rooms there is one intelligent control key box, mobile or in the wall, which is not only for the lights and shades, it also includes a thermostat sensor for the room temperature control, LED lighting and built-in audio playback to operate the doorbell or alerts. In the corridors there are moving and light-sensors which provide a lighting control on demand. Two touch panels in the central living-dining area and bedroom provide a graphical overview of all rooms in the house and allow the control of the individual components in each room. With the video door station they can have an audiovisual communication and observe the external field by the security cameras.
The intelligence of the house is located in the basement: all devices for the home entertainment, including audio and video server on which all the songs and movies are stored and which supplies two televisions with blockbusters. In the basement are the individual, interconnected modules for the household management: a modern sub-distribution with 11 dimmer modules and 44 Dimm-circles for individual lighting control. 8 relay blocks with 88 circuits for sockets, lights and blinds as well as the regulation for the floor heating. To realize the numerous convenience features they installed technology from Crestron.

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