Intuitive Operation of All Home Technology

Custom Services

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur claim is our ability to make the necessary operational features simple for everyone, from the cleaning lady to the mother-in-law through corresponding conception of the control system. We will use standard switches and buttons as well as touch panels from Crestron or AMX and iPads form Apple or other tablet PCs as control elements. In addition, we will constantly evaluate information from motion and lighting sensors, weather stations, contacts and temperature and humidity sensors and communicate with the other technical areas through gateways. This will lead to a reduction in the required control changes, because the lights will turn off and on by themselves and match the lighting. Aside from this, we can always deliver the current state of your entire home technology using this technology, such as the temperature in each room, the PH value of the swimming pool, which lights are on and which windows are open. You can also check this information remotely using corresponding access privileges and make changes.