Customize the Design of Your Touch Panel

Custom Services

Individuelles-Design-Ihres-Touchpanels2The touch panels will be designed according to include your wishes. Which color combinations and which graphic shapes would you like? Which operational desires do you have? In consideration of our many years of experience in designing and programming the media control systems from AMX and Crestron in upscale residential buildings, we will create a customized, intuitive operational concept for you. We will use understandable icons and understandable brief descriptive text for this. In the design of touch panels, providing multiple languages can be made just as free of problems as the customized access related to the users using passwords. The default setting is for personal and guest usage. The lady of the house will have her user interface adjusted to her desires. Thoughts about the living situations, such as eating, watching television, reading and automated consideration of the environmental features from lighting sensors, to weather stations will enormously simplify control. Remote control, modifications or the little adjustments that are seldom required can be made in the lower area.