19″ Rack Cabinets for High Operational Safety

Custom Services

19 Schrankbau für hohe Betriebssicherheit19″ racks will be constructed with a view towards their design and purpose. There are a number of issues to take into consideration for this, like: weight, heat exchange, and cabling for data transmission, control systems and power supplies. The devices to be used, like Blu-ray & CD players from Yamaha or flash card recorders from D&M, need to be integrated at working height. The heat buildup issue is particular important. The devices must be offset from one another to prevent this and covers with ventilation slots and fans will also be installed. Regarding the cabling, the data transmission and power supply cables need to be separated from each other. The maintenance issues also need to be taken into consideration. Rittal offers swiveling and wheeled 19″ rack cabinets.